Yes you, you in the Sons of Anarchy tag.
If you are a fan of this show, I love you. :)
So talk to me because I would like to know…

What got you into Sons of Anarchy?

  1. littletownflirt answered: Heard Henry Rollins was going to be the big season 2 bad guy. Watching ever since. Love the insanity of it.
  2. whoa-nudity answered: My old roomie. He moved in with me mid second season and he says to me, he says…you’ve got to watch this show…and I did.
  3. harleygirl19 answered: I love Harleys lol
  4. heirofsparda answered: My girlfriend’s mom is a biker and she made me watch it, I was hooked after the first episode.
  5. neenj61 answered: I live the life.
  6. wizardofthewilds answered: Boredom. Ran out of shows on netflix. Just finished married with children so what better than another katey saga
  7. gracefoolly answered: It is based off of Hamlet, and I’m a nerdy English teacher :)
  8. annasbrains answered: It reminds me of my dad and some family and when my dad would let me ride with him when I was a kid.
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